Hong Kong

Hong Kong is showing promise as a destination for tech IPOs

The U.S. tech IPO window may have reopened in 2017 following…
Galaxy Note 8

Brace for impact: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch is on August 23

The Note 8 launch event invite asks you to 'Do bigger things' The Samsung…
lemur baby

Belfast Zoo welcomes adorable new lemur baby

This endangered bouncing bundle of joy was born to mother,…

SF says bonfire next to Belfast flats 'not wanted and dangerous'

Anger has flared over the construction of a nationalist bonfire…
The Transporter

We can't afford to let driverless cars kill off public transport

Busses under threat Imagine, if you will, a line. At one…
Amazon app

Amazon is slipping Alexa into its Android shopping app

That's one way to get people to use your digital assistant Alexa…
Deal of the Day

Deal of the Day: Get Inside and Limbo for under £10 in the PlayStation sale

A sale standout You’ve probably already noticed, but the…

Intel’s 12-core i9-7920X processor lags behind Ryzen Threadripper rival

In terms of base clock, although boost could make all the difference In…