mailguarddiag-300x300We have the best of breed Enterprise class Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Anti-Phishing tools so that you spend your day unhindered from the rigors of the Internet.  The solution is simplicity defined.  It is robust without being overly aggressive to your legitimate emails.  We offer free 7 day trials and if you are not amazed, simply cancel and you won’t here from us again.

Benefits of Precept MailGuard

  • The time savings for your team not having to read through junk emails
  • Potential legal action if someone is offended by inappropriate content that they read in a work email – employees COULD sue their employer since recent legislation means that employers now have a duty of care.
  • Internet security is increased and virus risk reduced – significantly.  Viruses lead to downtime and significant financial loss for companies.
  • In the event of broadband or email server on customer site failing, we queue the emails and alert your reseller (or you!) – so the client doesn’t lose a single email (potentially an order from a client!)
  • All or specific staff can have access to a control panel so you can train the spam filters at
  • You can whitelist and blacklist email address or domains  (eg
  • Teach MailGuard which type of emails are to be treated as spam, and release any false positive.


The Control Panel is accessible at

  • Log in as domain administrator or restricted individual users
  • Whitelist or Blacklist
  • Train your spam filters
  • Release Quarantined Emails
  • Review Email Statistics
  • And more


Technical Details –

There are two parts to the MailGuard solution.

part 1 – border control

this eliminates 90-95% of bad email

border control is our 21 edge level tests including –

·         Rbl  (blacklists),   spf,    greylisting,     fqdn

Yesterday for example – border control produced the following stats for a domain…

Rejected Mail for : 5239  Mail Delivered to : 529

part 2 – mailguard

  • for the heuristic scanning
  • The solution is based on a number of Open Source components ( eg spam assassin and Maia mailguard), which we have spent a significant amount of time customising to our own requirements.
  • We also have several antispam and antispam solutions on our platform eg McAfee uvscan
  • This is for the AV and Phishing components
  • It’s really good… and overall it’s between 98-99% effective


It’s suitable for most email servers and platforms,

Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP. Google Apps, Office365, and almost any other Mail Server

Simply point your mx records to the think MAILGUARD platform and let us know where to send the sanitised email.

Zero down time!


Give us a call today on 0800 122 3010 to arrange a 7 day, no obligation free trial of MailGuard