Hong Kong

Hong Kong is showing promise as a destination for tech IPOs

The U.S. tech IPO window may have reopened in 2017 following…
The Transporter

We can't afford to let driverless cars kill off public transport

Busses under threat Imagine, if you will, a line. At one…
Uber Releases Results Of Internal Sexual Harassment Investigation

Uber rides into more trouble in Asia as it halts its service in Macau

Uber has bowed to regulators in Asia once again after the U.S.…
Illuminated Cityscape Against Sky At Night

Deadline to sign up for Startup Battlefield Africa extended by one week

All right, startups in sub-Saharan Africa, you can now breathe…
artificial heart

Researchers 3D print a soft artificial heart that works a lot like a real one

The science of prosthetics has been advancing by leaps and…
running watch

Today is a great day to buy a new running watch

And probably other running accessories too I know I have an…

You can text SFMOMA and it will respond with art on demand

Here’s a cool trick for art fans. You can text San Francisco’s…
scan dinosaur skulls!

Get your Kinect out of storage, you can use it to scan dinosaur skulls!

We’re not over-excited, you’re over-excited A team of…