linuxUnfortunately, Linux on the desktop still lacks universal, enthusiastic support from key industry giants such as Dell. Many of these movers and shakers continue to cite various sticking points that prevent them from supporting Linux more broadly that are more and more based on urban myths rather than hard facts.

Attitutes to Linux in the server market however remain the same powering with over 70% of the world’s server market reling on Linux or some Unix variant to enable them to be more productive.

We can provide support for a wide range of Linux / Unix and BSD installations. With over 10 years of experience working with Debian Linux, FreeBSD and OpenSolaris we know that no matter what your problem is we can resolve it quickly with a minimum of downtime. We offer support on a one-off pay as you go basis or a long term monthly contracts.

Not running a commercial distribution such as Red Hat Linux? No problem, we can help

Dedicated on-site SysAdmin on holiday for their honeymoon? No problem, we can step in for assistance

Using “bleeding” edge technologies such As DRBD / OpenFiler / NFS v4 / Clustering / Citrix Xen Server / Ultra Monkey. No problem, we have you covered. We spend our time training and experimenting with these technologies too because we are technology enthusiasts

Need Linux desktop support? No problem, we have you covered. With the next generation of Web 2.0 technologies available from Google and Apple, people are realising that having a non-Windows desktop, perhaps a Mac or perhaps a Linux machine can help speed up productivity and we can provide support for you
Why not call us and find out how Linux can benefit your business from a low cost of ownership, better security, greater up times and wide ranging delivery of free open source software on your systems?