3 top ways to convince the boss on Cloud

cloudIt doesn’t cost to try
Many suppliers (like us) offer free trials for cloud services, meaning you can try before you buy. It’s a great way to demonstrate benefits before committing any spend! Plus with many cloud services on a monthly subscription based payment model, your outlays are massively reduced!

Calculate the savings
There are substantial cost savings to be had with the adoption of cloud services; your company may be taking advantage of some already.
Put some figures down on actual savings such as reduced resources, saved hardware and maintenance costs to put things into perspective!

Millennials want flexibility
With the focus on flexible working, BYOD and collaboration anytime, anywhere – adopting cloud services can increase a company’s attraction of the future working generation.
Millennials expect instant communication and taking advantage of tools like Lync and Office 365 show you’re cutting edge and technology savvy!