A few things to remember when you or your staff are home working. A lot of this is stating the obvious but crises can cause people to forget the obvious.

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Stay safe

Due to the current Coronavirus crisis, more people than ever are working from home, having had little time to prepare. While employers may be able to relax procedures in
certain areas, data protection / GDPR requirements remain unchanged. GDPR applies to all staff when home working. Below are some quick tips to help.

1. If your employer has supplied equipment and a means of communication, use it.
2. Do not make use of free or publicly available wifi or “borrow” from others even
with their permission.
3. If you are using personal wifi, make sure it is secure. (is a password required before
connecting new phones or computers?)
4. Keep antivirus software up to date.
5. Remember any personal data needs to be held securely in every format.
6. Position screens where they cannot be overlooked.
7. Consider how paperwork can be disposed of securely.
8. Remember other people may be able to overhear phone or video calls. As far as
possible schedule these in advance to facilitate a secure environment for all.
9. Make sure that there is a central directory of who holds what information and who
is working on this.
10. Only save documents to predetermined storage areas. Avoid using local storage
on individual computers e.g. desktop.
11. Know who to contact if things go wrong. This could be to report a suspected
breach or to get help with setting up a home office.
12. Scammers will continue to operate, be aware.
13. Do not write passwords where they can be found by others.
14. Do not assume email is secure. Password protect in advance of transmission and
don’t include the password in the email with the attachment.
15. Think about how information will be transported, if necessary. Do not leave
documents or equipment where they will be visible.
16. Ensure that sufficient supplies are readily available if needed e.g. paper, ink, etc.
17. Consider using auto save functionality.
18. Clean keyboards regularly.