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Will the Vive 2 be cheaper? HTC makes its biggest hint yet

Will we see the HTC Vive 2 soon? HTC is developing new virtual reality products at different price points and a new Vive virtual reality headset. “We’re always developing new products. So, yes,” Marc Metis, Global Head of Vive X at HTC Vive, told TechRadar when asked whether the company is working a new Vive […]

Playing videogames make some parts of your brain more efficient

Positive changes in the neural reward system Do five minutes of research into how videogames affect the brain and you’ll find a million different answers, many of them sensationalist newspaper articles without much scientific merit. “Games have sometimes been praised or demonized, often without real data backing up those claims.” says Marc Palaus, author of […]

Reverso now lets you translate words using your voice

Dictionary app Reverso is getting a major update with a focus on voice features. In particular, you can now say a phrase to translate it. This might be particularly useful if you can’t spell a word or when you don’t know anything about a language and you can ask the other person to repeat a […]

Windows 10 code leak raises serious security concerns

Potentially more fuel to the fire for malware crafters Parts of the source code for Windows 10 have been leaked online, and although the spillage isn’t as serious as first thought, the incident still represents a major security worry – both for users and for Microsoft. This saga developed over the weekend, and began with […]

Moths’ eyes could help you see your phone screen better

Thumbs up, Mother Nature If you’ve ever cursed Helios, the Titan god of sun, when trying to look at your phone screen outside, then you’ll want to check out the breakthrough the University of Central Florida has made. Taking inspiration from the eyes of moths, the institution has developed a coating that could make using […]