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Amazon officially owns Ring, so let’s talk product integration

Amazon’s acquisition of Ring  officially closed today. Now the companies (or company, rather) are marking the occasion by discounting the Ring Video Doorbell $30, down to $100 — because what better way to celebrate scalability and maximum distribution than a price drop? Amazon  is quick to note in its press material that the Ring name is sticking around — […]

Zuckerberg owns or clones most of the “8 social apps” he cites as competition

Mark Zuckerberg’s  flimsy defense when congress asked about a lack of competition to Facebook has been to cite that the average American uses eight social apps. But that conveniently glosses over the fact that Facebook  owns three of the top 10 U.S. iOS apps: #4 Instagram, #6 Messenger, and #8 Facebook according to App Annie. The top 3 apps […]

How to fortify your home office security against modern-day attacks

The “original” home office network consisted of one, maybe two, PCs or laptops connecting to the internet. Now, there’s a wireless network connecting any number of devices, including PCs, laptops, smart phones, tablets, TVs, smart home assistants, gaming consoles, IoT-enabled appliances – the list goes on and on – to the internet. While security risks […]

New wearable hardware interface, Tap Systems, opens SDK to developers

Tap Systems, the developer of the Tap wearable keyboard and mouse, is releasing a developer SDK for interested programmers. The software kit will let developers design applications that can integrate with the Tap wearable, which answers the once unanswerable question: what’s the result of one-hand tapping? Resting on the fingers of one hand, the Tap wearable provides […]