Best SSD for cryptocurrency mining 2018: the best solid state drives for mining Bitcoin and more

Fast and reliable

Best SSD for cryptocurrency mining 2018: the best solid state drives for mining Bitcoin and more

Welcome to our list of the best SSDs for mining in 2018. When thinking of mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, buying a solid state drive may not be high on your list of priorities.

However, once you’ve bought the best GPU for mining, along with the best motherboard and best CPU for mining, then you should definitely consider a fast and dependable SSD to help complete your mining rig.

You don’t need to buy one with huge amounts of storage, which means you can keep the prices down. We recommend an SSD for mining with a capacity of 120GB for Windows installs, or 60GB if you’re going to run Linux. This gives you enough room to install the operating system, along with the best mining software.

As well as speed and capacity, the best SSDs for cryptocurrency mining will also not require too much power to run. This keeps your electricity bills down, and prevents your mining rig from overheating.

1. WD Blue SSD

Globs of flash storage for less

Capacity: 250GB/500GB/1TB | Interface: SATA | Warranty: 3-years

Excellent price
Good size selection
Limited by interface

If you want to save a few bucks, but don’t want to sacrifice too much in the way of performance, the WD Blue SATA SSD is a great compromise. It nearly maxes out the bandwidth of the SATA 3 interface with its read/write speeds, and the price of the 250GB version is brilliant value. Best of all, it’s reliable and cost effective to run, making it the best SSD for mining in 2018.

2. HP S700 Pro

Tough for anything you throw at it

Capacity: 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB | Interface: SATA | Warranty: 3-years

Runs forever
Variety of capacities
Relatively slow

If you’re going to be using an SSD for mining, then you need one that will be able to cope with being used for long periods of time, which is why the HP S700 Pro has just what you need. Its life will far exceed its warranty, offering up 2 million hours of use and up to 650 terabytes written. It’s a bit more expensive than the HP S700 Pro, but its build quality is top-notch.

3. Samsung 850 EVO

A brilliant performer for a great price

Capacity: 120GB/250GB/500GB/1TB/2TB/4TB | Interface: SATA | Warranty: 5 years

Speedy performance
Definitely consumer-class SSD

Although it’s been superseded by the Samsung 860 Evo, the 850 Evo is an excellent choice for a mining SSD, as it features Samsung’s build quality and speeds that are found in more expensive drives, with a pretty compelling price, especially as you’ll only need the 120GB version for your mining rig.

4. Crucial BX300

The value king

Capacity: 120GB/240GB/480GB | Interface: SATA | Warranty: 3-years

Beats the MX300
Not as fast as some other PCIe drives

The Crucial BX300 isn’t the fastest SSD you can buy, but it is affordable and chiefly reliable to boot. If you want to maximise your cryptocurrency mining profits by keeping the cost of your hardware as low as possible, then this is an excellent choice. You don’t completely lose out on performance either – it’s a better performer than the pricier MX300, thanks to MLC NAND.

5. SanDisk Ultra II SATA III SSD

Compact and fast

Capacity: 120GB/240GB/480GB/960GB | Interface: SATA | Warranty: 3-years

Wide range of capacities
Not the longest warranty period

This is a fantastic 2.5-inch SSD that is an excellent choice for including in a mining PC. It comes with plenty of storage options, though again we’d recommend sticking with 120GB, which should be plenty. It performs really well, and while it’s not the cheapest SSD on this list, it’s often found in sales where you can grab it for an excellent price.

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