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Why use a single provider for your Tech and Telecoms

Whether you’re an existing Precept customer or thinking of switching to us, you could benefit from a combined approach to your IT Support and Telecoms.

Using a single provider is a convenient and cost effective way to manage your IT infrastructure and telecoms.

Here are 5 reasons to use Precept as your single IT/Telecoms provider:


We will ensure all your systems are compatible and work together in harmony. Especially important if you have multiple sites or remote workers. We can even implement the changes required to move to a multi-site or remote workforce. We help with future proofing your business systems, ensuring they’re ready for the latest advancements in technology.


Having Precept manage your services is more convenient than dealing with multiple providers. You will have an account manager as a single point of contact. You’ll know when they’re available and can also benefit from our 30 minute SLA. 


Having an account manager means that you’ll always deal with the same person who understands your business, equipment and problems. We also keep detailed notes of your admin details, systems, site locations, points of contact and more to ensure an efficient working relationship.

Cost Savings

You will benefit from lower initial setup costs and more affordable monthly recurring costs. Our expertise and experience means that you will always get the best hardware or software for the job. We ensure that your systems are secure from cyber attacks and viruses which minimises high costs in data recovery and man hours.


Using a single provider gives you a single point of contact which will result in faster issue resolution. 

Dealing with multiple suppliers can lead to a lot of admin work for your own staff. You may find yourself relaying messages between each provider which typically leads to delays and setbacks due to communication breakdown, slow responses and a lack of accountability.

With Precept as your single point of contact, we are accountable for all issues.

Get in touch with us today to start the process of combining all your tech and telecom infrastructure.

To learn more on how you can make the stress free switch to Precept as your single provider call us on 0800 122 3010 or