Can we talk about your IT Security?

Alan Stewart, ICT Consultant

Alan Stewart, ICT Consultant

Hello! My name is Alan Stewart, and I am one of the Senior ICT Security Consultants at Precept IT, based in Belfast City Centre. I would like to take a couple of minutes to alert you to a threat to your IT systems and would urge you to ask yourself “Are we taking this threat seriously enough?”

Your company will be hacked. Or, your competitor will be. Sooner rather than later. Though small business attacks don’t grab headlines, as companies like yours rely on emerging technologies and big data, the risk of a data breach has become tangible, and can have devastating consequences.

Cyber attacks became a reality for government, enterprises, and startups in 2015.

Last year in the UK there seemed to be a story in the news every week with some company being hacked, whether TalkTalk, Experian, VTech. Globally it’s a massive challenge too.

The US Office of Personnel Management hack exposed social security numbers of nearly 18 million current and former government employees. The Trump hotel chain suffered a months-long attack that uncloaked guest credit card numbers, and crowdfunding darling Patreon lost nearly 15GB of customer names and email addresses in a massive data dump.

This is only going to get more widespread throughout 2016.

Precept IT offer Specialist & Accredited Penetration Testing of

  1. Company networks
  2. Web hosted business critical software applications and portals

Additionally there are Full Network Audits available

We can, and want to help you avoid being another statistic and having your IT systems and business crippled by a cyber attack.

These may appear to be yet another cost to your business, but I can assure you that the costs would be much higher for those companies who suffer at the hands of the cyber attackers.

  • Many leading UK & Irish companies have already enlisted our help and specialist skills.
  • We are confidential, discreet and effective.
  • We have some offers on these services at present, so I would encourage you to pick up the phone and call me to discuss or drop me an email for more information.

Look forward to hearing from you soon

Alan Stewart, ICT Consultant
Precept IT Limited. Forsyth House. Cromac Square. Belfast. BT2 8LA. Email:
Telephone: (UK) 0800 122 3010 (Non – UK) +44 28 9092 3418