Cortana could soon show you how to use Windows 10

Windows 10 might have a major new help feature in the pipeline…

Microsoft highlights Windows 10’s speed, reliability and battery life boosts

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Amazon Echo vs Show vs Dot vs Tap:

Amazon Echo vs Show vs Dot vs Tap: which is best smart home speaker for you?

The Amazon Echo range, explored and compared Honestly, not…

Your brainwaves can betray your password

Think of a number. Is it 12? Probably not. Guessing things…

Startup veteran founder/investor Wendy Tan White joins BGF Ventures

If there are some noticeable gaps in the European venture scene…

Cisco claims it can find malware in encrypted data

Revolutionary network tech uses ‘intuition’ to defend against…
Amazon Echo
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Why the Amazon Echo could be made redundant very soon

When every speaker has Alexa, what's left for the Echo? Qualcomm,…
Siri Speaker
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Apple's Siri Speaker reportedly just entered production

Siri Speaker reveal in 3, 2, 1.. Watch out, Amazon Echo…

Scientists find a way to crack your phone's password using just the accelerometer

With 70 percent accuracy on the first guess Perhaps you like…
Lunatic Level Game

New ransomware doesn’t want money – just a high score

So-called ‘Rensenware’ was developed as a joke Ransomware…