Cortana could soon show you how to use Windows 10

Windows 10 might have a major new help feature in the pipeline according to the rumor mill, with news that Cortana is set to give clear step-by-step instructions on how to do certain things within the operating system.

This comes courtesy of a video spotted by prolific Microsoft leaker WalkingCat, showing a new feature called ‘follow me’ in action, in which Cortana provides detailed guidance on connecting a Bluetooth device.

The digital assistant shows the user exactly what to do, from hitting the Settings menu, through to going into the correct Bluetooth section, ensuring Bluetooth is turned on, and then connecting a device.

As you’ll see in the video below, the procedure is clearly shown in slow and easy to understand steps, and the user can quit the guided navigation at any point by hitting the Escape key.

Boon for beginners

This could be a really handy feature for the less tech-savvy, as of course visual instructions are easier to follow compared to reading a breakdown of steps in help text.

Sadly, there’s little information provided aside from the video itself, so it’s not clear how far along this feature is in terms of development, or when it might pitch up in Windows 10 (if ever – keep that salt shaker handy, as is always the case with anything that comes over the OS grapevine).

But this does seem like a good move for Microsoft to make, and it wouldn’t be a surprising step, considering that the software giant already enlisted Cortana to help users set up Windows 10 (including providing voice commands during installation of the OS).

Article by Darren Allan from techradar