HTC U11 Plus may launch later this year despite that huge Google deal

Despite the huge $1.1 billion HTC and Google merger deal announced this week, the Taiwanese phone manufacturer looks like it’s not out of the flagship game just yet.

The latest rumor suggests the phone – long known to be codenamed Ocean Master – will be called the HTC U11 Plus, and as the name suggests be a large-screened version of HTC’s current flagship.

Frandroidis reporting the new phone will have a 5.99-inch screen and a resolution of 1440 x 2880, which will be made by Japan Display.  That also looks to have a 2:1 ratio, similar to the long and thin display on the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

One of the last

It’s sensible to assume the squeezable sides from the HTC U11 – and heavily rumored to feature on the Google Pixel 2  – will make the jump to this larger phone too.

The spec leak shares details of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and the choice of either 4GB/6GB of RAM with 64GB/128GB of storage.  For the rear shooter it’s expected to be a 12MP camera – like on the HTC U11 – and an 8MP one on the front.

Little is known about the design, but it looks to be IP68 waterproof and we’d anticipate HTC would keep a very similar design language to the original U11 with a glass rear.

The leak doesn’t show any details on price for the HTC U11 Plus but, despite it being reported by a French website, there’s good information the phone will get a global release.

It’s unlikely we’ll hear any more about that launch until the Google Pixel 2 – rumored to also be developed by teams at HTC – has launched on October 4.

Whether or not this will be one of the last flagship phones from HTC remains to be seen, but read the piece linked to below to see why we think it’s likely the case.