iMac Pro could still get released before Christmas

iMac Pro could still get released before Christmas

If you’ve been holding out upgrading your computer in anticipation of the release of Apple’s iMac Pro, there may still be a chance you could find one under your Christmas tree.

According to a report from Apple Insider, staff in Apple’s enterprise sales team have been reaching out to long-term customers to discuss potential custom configurations (the RAM, GPU and peripheral requirements) they may be looking for. This is to allow companies to budget for the new releases, with “reliable, high-volume” customers potentially being given the option to enter financing agreements next week.

That would, even in small quantities, let Apple make good on a 2017 release window, and take advantage of 2017 tax year benefits.

iMac Pro-crastinating

It’s been a long time coming, even if it does make it out the door this side of Christmas.

The iMac Pro came out of the shadows for a brief first-look at this year’s WWDC showcase. With a 5K display, up to 18-core Xeon processor, as much as 4TB of SSD storage and a choice of Vega 56 or 64 graphics chips, it’s a premium bit of kit.

And, as you’d expect, pricing matches – you’re looking at $4,999 (about £3,870, AU$6,680) when it eventually does go on sale, and that’s for the entry-level specifications.


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