iMac Pro first look: the most powerful Mac computer ever made

Apple iMac Pro specs are for big workflows, bigger budgets

iMac Pro

The new iMac Pro proves Apple wasn’t holding back at WWDC 2017, announcing  what it calls ‘the most powerful Mac ever made.’

That’s a strong statement, but the new all-in-one desktop computer has top-of-the-line specs to back up this lofty claim – and it has a high price tag.

We weren’t allowed to test or even touch the iMac Pro. It’s under the sneak peek label, just like the Apple HomePod smart speaker we couldn’t touch either.

We’ll have to hold off on a hands-on review. But we did get to see it in person in Space Gray, and it looks like the computer upgrade power users have wanted.

iMac Pro price and release date

You’re going to have to pay for iMac Pro’s powerful specs, modern design and, of course, that alluring new Space Gray color. It’ll cost you a lot.


Apple says that it’ll start at $4,999 (about £3,870, AU$6,680). This is likely going to be the most expensive computer you’ve ever purchased if you bite.

However, you don’t have to decide just yet. Apple says that it’ll start shipping the new iMac Pro in December. It may have a release date in time for the holidays.

iMac Pro is a paper-thin tiger

iMac Pro, with its Space Gray color and large 27-inch 5K display, would look like an imposing juggernaut of a computer – if it wasn’t so think and sleek.

iMac Pro

It gives you an incredibly detailed, color-rich image on the front of the display thanks to its 5K display and wider color gamut.

The new Wireless Magic Keyboard also has all of the keys you need in your intense workflow, including numeric keys), and there’s a wireless Magic Mouse to match in Space Gray.

But looking at the iMac Pro from the side and the back shows that this capable computer is just like any other iMac: thin, minimalist and almost paper thin.

Just don’t expect a zero-gravity hinge like on the Microsoft Surface Studio or any sort of touchscreen or Apple Pencil capabilities. This year at least.

iMac Pro specs

Apple teased out the iMac Pro processors, first announcing that it’ll have 8-core and 10-core Intel Xeon processors. That seemed all well and good.

iMac Pro

But then it went further, touting the 18-core processor. That’s certainly not the one that’ll have the entry-level price, so look for it to be super expensive.

It’ll push high-end graphics processor with the AMD Radeon Vega graphics chip, with 11 teraflops of single precision and 22 teraflops of half precision compute power.

What’s more, it’ll have 128GB ECC memory for the most extreme workflows and 4TB of 3Gbps SSD internal storage, which is enough space for most pro users.

Around back, we saw four Thunderbolt 3.0 ports and a 10GB ethernet port, all in a minimalist row around back. They seem easy enough to access, yet out of the way.

Clearly, iMac Pro is the most powerful Mac you can own – until at least Apple decides to update the display-less Mac Pro in 2018. But that’s ways off.

We’ll probably get more (actual) hands on review time with the Mac Pro later this year – perhaps when Apple announces the iPhone 8 in September.

Article by Matt Swider from Techradar