mako-network-diagram2With Precept IT, we can connect your branches and remote workers to your head office network

Low cost broadband is now an effective medium to link offices providing a flexible, scalable environment that can allow networks to be securely accessed from remote locations using Virtual Private Networks.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure link that is created over the Internet allowing two or more offices to link together. It also allows individual computers to create VPN links into your office ensuring staff are securely connected to the office wherever they are located.

The major advantages of moving to Virtual Private Networks are cost savings and network scalability. In terms of cost savings VPNs eliminate the need for expensive leased lines, reduce telephone charges and lower support costs.

By enabling companies to link offices and sites securely through Virtual Private Networks the Mako System allows organisations to:

Increase the speed of communication between offices

  • Increase the security of information transfer
  • Reduce staff downtime associated with travel or document transfer
  • Increase overall business productivity
  • Lower business overheads

Using the Mako System instead of traditional vendor options gives you these additional benefits:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Quick easy set up
  • Monitoring/logging VPN usage to ensure on-going good health
  • 3 clicks to create VPN
  • Reporting

With the Mako VPN you decide who has access to specific information or areas within your network meaning you have peace of mind assurance that you are in control.