Keeping even an entry level technology support person on staff costs on average at least £25,000 per year plus benefits in Northern Ireland.

Consider outsourcing your IT needs to Belfast IT specialists Precept IT, and spend a fraction of that on professional support from a team of industry experts.

Small business owners are approaching our company on a regular basis, asking the same age old question: how can you save my business money? What are the benefits of going outsourced vs keeping my IT support in-house? Will I suffer a loss in quality due to outsourcing?

There are numerous benefits to partnering with an outsourced IT provider like Precept IT to handle your company’s technology needs. Here are just a few of the reasons:

We manage the staff, HR issues, benefits, so you don’t have to.
Technology support staff are burdens on your payroll and for small companies, usually an expense that is unjustified. Leveraging Precept IT to handle your ongoing needs is smarter financially.

We have the expertise to recruit only the best.
How does a small business owner gauge the knowledge level or quality of an IT worker? The sad fact is, they usually don’t have a clue. We vet our staff members to the highest degree possible and only send out experts qualified to handle your specific needs.
Our team are well compensated for their expertise. We’re not a run of the mill corner computer repair shop.

We have a full staff of professionals that are paid likewise – as professionals should be.
There is never an issue with sub-par service because our team members are treated like respected members of a professional, industry-leading organisation.

Confidentiality and privacy is our utmost concern.
Some business owners complain that outsourcing places their confidential information at risk with multiple parties. This is never the case with Precept IT. Our team members are held to the highest expectations of privacy for customer information, and we are fully protected with business liability insurance for any instances where data breaches may occur.

Let us give you an honest opinion about your technology footprint.
A common dilemma we run into with previously managed on-premise systems is that they were too large, too expensive, and difficult to maintain – the perfect recipe for technology staff to justify their existence at companies. We’re streamlining systems for companies on a monthly basis that were caught in this trap. Let’s chat about your bloated technology footprint today.

Public and private sector experience in a range of technologies.
Even if you recruit the best IT worker you can find, chances are he/she has not had the breadth of experience in the public and private sectors like our diverse team has. Our backgrounds come from numerous prior specialties and skill-sets, allowing our company to provide professional support for numerous technologies at any given time.

Curious about how much money you could save by outsourcing with Precept IT?

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