Leaked Samsung Galaxy S9 schematics reveal possible design and dimensions

Leaked Samsung Galaxy S9 schematics reveal possible design and dimensions

Despite likely launching early next year we haven’t seen much of the Samsung Galaxy S9 yet, but a newly leaked sketch might give us a good idea of how it will look.

Posted on Weibo (a Chinese microblogging platform), the sketch shows a phone that looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S8, complete with a curved screen and tiny bezels. However, there are some differences, most notably the position of the fingerprint scanner, which is still on the back but has seemingly moved under the camera lens.

This would make sense, as it’s likely to be an easier position to reach than the scanner to the right of the lens on the S8, but it does mean that rumors of an in-screen scanner would be incorrect.

You can also see that it appears to be just a single-lens camera, rather than moving to a dual-lens one like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However, we’ve previously heard rumors that only the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will get a second lens, so that lines up.


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Shrinking down

The main other thing to take away from these images is the dimensions of the phone, which are also listed.

The image is low quality enough that we can’t confidently make them out, but it looks to us like it says 147.63 x 58.63 x 8.41mm, except where the camera lens slightly sticks out, which seems to be listed as 8.76mm thick. That said, Android Headlines reckons the width is 68.69mm.

Either way, if these dimensions are accurate then the Galaxy S9 would be slightly shorter than the 148.9 x 68.1 x 8mm Galaxy S8, which would make sense, since it’s rumored to have even smaller bezels.

Of course, a schematic like this could easily have been faked so we wouldn’t count on its accuracy, but it lines up with other things we’ve heard, so this could be one of our first looks at the form the S9 will take.

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