Microsoft concedes defeat against Spotify and loses its Groove

After a little over two years of (in)action, Microsoft is pulling the plug on its Groove Music streaming service, acknowledging that its customers really want Spotify.

In a post on the company’s blog, it was announced that from December 31, 2017, you will no longer be able to stream, purchase or download music from the Groove Music app. While the app will still function for Windows 10 devices, it will be limited to playing and managing local and purchased music.

For those stuck in the groove of a redundant subscription, Microsoft is offering pro-rata refunds for any portion of the subscription that falls after the cut-off date (December 31, 2017).

Spotify in the spotlight

The sugar-coating on the otherwise bitter news for Groove fans is that Microsoft is “expanding its partnership with Spotify” by providing a simple solution to port any existing Groove playlists onto the Spotify service.

To cap it off, Groove Music Pass users migrating to a new Spotify service will receive 60 days of free Spotify Premium, provided they aren’t already using an existing promotion for the service and don’t have an existing Premium account.

Article by Harry Domanski from techradar