Nvidia gets into the TV business with BFGD screens designed for PC gaming

Putting the BFG into massive gaming displays

Nvidia gets into the TV business with BFGD screens designed for PC gaming

Finding the right TV for gaming is notoriously hard. While it’s easy enough to get gorgeous picture quality with 4K resolutions and HDR color rendition, latency is a huge issue.

Not one to conform, Nvidia has launched a new initiative to make the best PC gaming screens which it calls Big Format Gaming Displays (or BFGD for short). In collaboration with Acer, Asus and HP, the GPU maker will produce 65-inch, 4K 120Hz HDR displays with integrated Nvidia G-Sync technology and Nvidia Shield functionality.

This effectively would make BFGDs the one of the biggest displays you can hook your PC gaming rig to. Alternatively, users could tap into the Nvidia Shield features to stream PC games with just their TV as well as accessing streaming media with the help of Google Assistant.

In terms of picture quality, the BFGD features a 4K HDR display built with a full direct-array backlight, 1,000-nit peak luminance and Quantum Dot Enhancement Films to produce a DCI-P3 color gamut. Of course, lowering latency is an important issue and these new displays will reduce it to a single millisecond.

From the looks of it, Acer, HP and Asus will all deliver their own version of BFGD screens with slightly different bases.

For now, pricing has yet to be announced and availability has been slated vaguely for later this year.


via Kevin Lee at techradar