One of the first mechanical smartwatches is coming soon from Frederique Constant

Meet the Hybrid Manufacture

One of the first mechanical smartwatches is coming soon from Frederique Constant

Updated: An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to the Hybrid Manufacture as the first mechanical smartwatch, but in fact the X-ONE H1 was announced first – though it remains to be seen which will be the first to hit stores.

We’ve seen a number of hybrid smartwatches which combine an analog watch with smart features, but so far they all use a battery-powered quartz movement. Now though we’re about to get some smartwatches with mechanical movements, which means the watch part can just be wound up, rather than relying on a battery.

The first of these to be announced was the X-ONE H1, which is due to hit Kickstarter on February 27, and offers the likes of a pedometer and music controls in addition to telling the time, but potentially the first mechanical smartwatch that you’ll actually be able to get your hands on is the Hybrid Manufacture.

This hybrid smartwatch comes from Frederique Constant and sports many of the features you’d expect of a hybrid wearable, including a step counter, sleep tracking and a second time zone, though of course a battery – which needs charging roughly every 7 days – is still needed to power these parts of the watch.

Fail to do that and you’ll still have a perfectly functional mechanical watch though, and it’s self-winding, so you don’t need to do anything to keep it working.

An app built for watch geeks

Head into the companion app and you’ll see health tips based on your stats according to Wareable, as well as information on the health of the caliber, a measurement of the amplitude, the rate of seconds per day it’s off and the beat error.

The Hybrid Manufacture is set to land in around May or June in four styles – three in stainless steel and one in rose gold, though it will only be available in a 42mm size.

And you might want to get saving, as the Hybrid Manufacture starts at $3,495/£2,482 (around AU$4,430) and goes up to $3,795/£2,711 (roughly AU$4,840) for the rose gold model.

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