OnePlus 5T release date, news and rumors

Sitting safely in the top ten of our favorite smartphones right now, the OnePlus 5 is one of the best phones you can buy at the moment… but that said, in some markets it’s currently off sale.

On the official OnePlus website you can no longer buy the OnePlus 5, which is particularly strange as the handset is less than six months old.

Why would OnePlus drop the phone from its range so early? We’ve asked OnePlus, but we haven’t heard back yet and rumor has it the OnePlus 5T may be just around the corner.

Last year the company revealed the OnePlus 3 in June followed by a new replacement handset called the OnePlus 3T in November 2016.

Some are predicting the company may be ready to do the same with the OnePlus 5, so we’ve put together all of the rumors and leaks we’ve seen so far about the OnePlus 5T.

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Cut to the chase

  • What is it? A new flagship phone from OnePlus
  • When is it out? Possibly November 2017, but likely 2018 as the OnePlus 6
  • What will it cost? Around the price of the OnePlus 5 at $479 (£449, around AU$630)

OnePlus 5T release date and price

  • Some rumors point toward a November 2017 release date
  • We initially didn’t expect a new OnePlus phone until June 2018
  • Likely costs less than most flagships at around $479 (£449, around AU$630) 

Right, this is where it gets a little complicated. So, OnePlus released two phones last year with the OnePlus 3 in June and a follow-up handset called the OnePlus 3T in November.

The OnePlus 3T bumped the OnePlus 3 off of the company’s official store, and some people are predicting the same thing will happen this year too.

One report from GizmoChina – from what the publication calls a reliable source who has been right 80% of the time – suggests the phone will be announced in November this year and released soon after.

We don’t have any idea how much the OnePlus 5T is set to cost, but we’d assume it would be a similar amount to the OnePlus 5 or perhaps even a little extra because of the improved spec.

The OnePlus launched at $479 (£449, around AU$630) so we’re hoping for it to be less than most flagship phones on the market right now.

OnePlus 5T news and rumors

Rumors for the OnePlus 5T aren’t numerous right now and most of the information we’ve seen has come from one source known to GizmoChina.

The site is confident in the anonymous source and the leak is quite extensive, suggesting the phone will come with a 2160 x 1080 resolution, 18:9 ratio 6-inch display. That would make the OnePlus 5T look a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S8and LG V30 that we’ve already seen launch this year.

The render below is supplied by the same source and shows how the 5T has super thin bezels. The source can’t currently confirm whether it will have curved screen edges or not and there’s no sign of what the phone looks like from the rear.

Source: GizmoChina

It’s also important to note that this render looks identical to the Oppo F5 that leaked previously, but the source is adamant this is the OnePlus 5T and that it will look the same as the phone from OnePlus’s parent company Oppo.

Other specs are relatively uncertain but we’d expect it to be similar to the OnePlus 5. That means the OnePlus 5T will likely have two 16MP rear sensors, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, at least 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

We’d also expect the phone to launch with the latest version of Android, which would be Android Oreo.

Will the OnePlus 5T happen?

It’s very uncertain right now. The OnePlus 3T was a strange addition to the line-up in 2016 and felt like a one-off purely because Qualcomm had introduced a more stable chipset in the form of the Snapdragon 821 to replace the Snapdragon 820 that was inside the original OnePlus 3.

That was arguably the only major change inside the OnePlus 3T compared to the OnePlus 3, but this time around we’ve seen rumors point to a much more upgraded OnePlus 5T when compared to the OnePlus 5.

Considering Qualcomm hasn’t introduced a new flagship chipset yet, it may be that everything above is actually a very early leak of the OnePlus 6. Only time will tell.

Article by James Peckham from techradar.