Orange is the new black!

Orange is the new black!

Alan Stewart, ICT Consultant

Alan Stewart, ICT Consultant

In the past IT support contracts across NI have been very black and white.  Precept’s corporate colour is orange and orange is the new black!

Does this sound like your current IT support contract?

You phone the helpdesk.  You get charged!  A new member of staff starts and needs set up?  You get charged!  Your computer gets a virus ?  You get charged!

Businesses across Northern Ireland will recognise Alan Stewart as a Senior ICT Consultant for Precept.

He is now spearheading the introduction of all inclusive remote IT support services at Precept across Northern Ireland, to complement the company’s existing telephone, network and internet expertise.

Precept are rolling our this revolutionary approach to organisations in all sectors and industries across Northern Ireland.

All you can eat unlimited inclusive remote IT support for small to medium sized businesses across Northern Ireland.

Alan comments:

“It’s crazy that smaller businesses struggle to get responsive IT support.  They’re the ones who have the least expertise in-house… and can least afford to have their systems go down.

“Precept are known for giving great, friendly support to businesses whose whole livelihood depends on the services they provide. Now we want to bring some of that magic to IT support too. It’s a whole new approach.”

It’s time for something new and fresh.  Talk to Precept today about our new and fresh approach to IT support.  Choose our cost effective solution for managed IT support.  Call us today on 0800 122 3010 or email