Our exclusive big data deals mean iPhone 8 prices are already starting to tumble

Well that didn’t take long. Just under a month since the new iPhone 8 launched, and not even three weeks since it hit the shelves, we’re already seeing prices fall significantly. If you refused to get caught up in the hype of the launch, and thought you’d wait a few weeks to snap up an iPhone 8 deal, then you’ve been vindicated, friend.

We thought we’d have to wait at least until the release of the iPhone X or the madness of Black Friday 2017 before cheap iPhone 8 prices would start to appear. But the latest big data tariffs on O2 from Mobiles.co.uk have confounded that theory.

We’ll tell you about our favourite new iPhone 8 deals below – including exclusive discount codes only for TechRadar readers – but in short, you can now get an iPhone 8 with 30GB data allowance for less than £40 per month! That’s extraordinary value for an iPhone that hasn’t even celebrated its one-month anniversary.

How do these iPhone 8 deals compare?

We’re glad you asked! It’s only when you compare them to the rest of the market that you can see just how good these prices are.

If you look at the cheapest 3GB iPhone 8 deal out there at the moment, for example, it’s £35 per month after paying £150 upfront. That’s £990 over the two years, so only £71 less than our 15GB exclusive, and for far less data.

Meanwhile the most affordable 5GB tariff costs £125 at the start and then £39 a month. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s exactly the same as the payments for our exclusive 15GB deal above. So if you’re interested in the iPhone 8 and need more than 3GB of data, then you may as well head straight to at least 15GB.

Article by Adam Marshall from techradar.