AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CB R15 World Record Windows 7

Overclockers Using Windows 7 to Set AMD Ryzen World Record

Even up until a month before Ryzen launched, the expectation was that AMD’s processors would be fully supported on Windows 7. Those hopes were dashed when the company revealed that unleashing the full performance would require Windows 10. Despite this fact though, it appears that lack of full support is not deterring the top overclockers, even AMD officially sponsored ones!

One of the big moments for AMD Ryzen was when the Ryzen 7 1800X breached the world record for Cinebench R15 multithreaded 8 core score. Coming in at about 5.3 GHz on all 8 cores, overlocker elmor managed to hit 2454 cb points. The interesting thing is that the winning run was done on Windows 7, the supposed ageing OS that wouldn’t unleash the full performance of Ryzen.

In an ironic twist, Ryzen is also seeing its own share of Windows 10 woes, with some reviewers encountering BSODs. While some of the blame undoubtedly rests on AMD and the motherboards, one can’t help but blame the OS as well. After all, Windows 7 is rock solid enough to push Ryzen to 5.3 GHz running at sub-zero temperatures courtesy of LN2. There is also the fact that Windows 10 doesn’t fully support SMT for Zen as well. Either way, it looks like Windows 7 may still be a viable choice at least until Microsoft gets to issuing some microcode updates. At least we know that Ryzen 3 chips without SMT will do fine on Windows 7.


Article by Samuel Wan from eTeknix