Precept IT's Alan Stewart at Acordia Network Meeting

Precept are key members of Acordia Networking Group

Alan Stewart, Business Development manager is a regular attendee at AcordiaBusiness Networking meetings.  Alan Says:

Acordia hold regular business development sessions in Belfast, Bangor and Lisburn,  where growth minded business owners and entrepreneurial business development professionals can discover more about how Acordia can help them do better business.

About Acordia

Acordia is an innovative fusion of Personal Improvement with Business Development together with opportunities for Networking with like minded entrepreneurial thinkers. It is a platform that delivers on an essential range of business benefits including:

– Peer Support
– Problem Solving
– Strategy Development
– Gaining Advanced Networking Skills
– Collaboration
– Removing Isolation
– Networking for Referrals
– Business Education
– Personal Development

For more information visit the Acordia website