The best VPN for Xbox One and PS4

Protect yourself from nastiness such as targeted DDoS attacks


Best PS4 Xbox One VPNs


While using a VPN for online gaming might sound redundant at best, the situation is perhaps not as black-and-white as you think. Yes, even the best VPN service has the potential to slow down your performance and possibly inflate your ping time. You won’t hear us argue there.

However, just as with any other online activity, there are dangers that a VPN can protect you from when gaming – such as the unwanted attention of hackers.

A VPN provides an additional layer of security beyond your regular security measures such as a firewall. In particular, it increases protection against DDoS attacks, a popular method of gaining a competitive advantage for the more obsessive and cheat-happy gamers out there. Additionally, a VPN service can bypass geo-restrictions and unlock games and servers previously locked to specific regions.

How to choose the best VPN service for game consoles

Needless to say, speed is the top priority here, so performance needs to be fast with a stable and reliable connection. Wide server coverage means a better chance of finding a fast connection, so look for a company with plenty of servers.

VPNs are primarily designed to be used on PCs (or mobiles), so expect some tinkering to be necessary in order to get them working on your favorite console, either via a PC or router. You should also look out for handy extra features like DDoS protection and dedicated gaming servers.

Now, let’s move on to highlight our top five choices for the best VPN for game consoles.

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