Thinking about moving your IT support across to Precept IT?

Some frequently asked questions by new customers moving to Precept IT

1. Are Precept less expensive?

Yes! All-important cost savings can be made across support & services through efficiencies (30%).

2. Can you guarantee no downtime during a seamless transition?

Yes! Once we get the authorisation and emailed the server/network password we can take over providing IT support without any disruption.

3. What about proactive monitoring, alerting and maintenance?

We install monitoring software and when we are notified of a problem, we begin fixing immediately rather than the traditional break-fix model adopted by other IT companies waiting for you to call and report an issue.

4. Do you provide all – Inclusive remote technical support?

Yes – all remote support is included – so no hidden bills eg adding a user/printer/new software.

5. Are Precept strategic partners?

Precept bring a wide array of experience and are well placed to offer advice on all types of technology.

6. What about future-proofing our systems?

Once in position we will begin to document your existing systems and prepare proposals for improving your company IT architecture.