Today is a great day to buy a new running watch

running watch

And probably other running accessories too

I know I have an agenda. I want to see technology on every runner out there. I won’t really be happy until I see everyone wearing heart-rate monitoring headphones, a snazzy watch and drinking from smart water bottles.

Maybe even throw in a heads-up display too, if you’re feeling fancy.

But… I also know that this idea is crazy. Most runners barely want one piece of technology adorning their ever-svelter bodies, so my dream may not be the easiest to achieve.



– The Garmin Forerunner 35 is at least £25 cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else

– You can get a the Polar M600 Android Wear watch for well under £200 (until 9.20AM)

– The TomTom Spark 3 with the full heart rate, music and headphones bundle is under £160 (until 1.20PM)


That said, I do think a lot of runners could benefit from a dedicated watch at least – and this Amazon Prime Day there look to be some pretty tasty deals out there to get started with the tech (do remember that these are only available for those who have Amazon Prime – if not, then you’ll need to sidle up lovingly to someone who does, or subscribe yourself).

I’m writing this piece as I’m seeing some genuinely good discounts out there today, and I’ll probably be spamming my running club’s Facebook page with them later… which may, or may not, get me kicked off. But I’m here to spread the word of running tech.

It’s hard to predict which watches will come down in price for short times today, but given the Garmin Forerunner 235 was a big deal last Black Friday we’re hoping for the same for that, as well as popular watches from TomTom and Polar.

The annoying thing is that there’s only one ‘all day’ offer on running watches so far, and that’s on the Garmin Forerunner 35. However, it’s a whopping saving on a great device for the new runner (or someone wanting a very cheap upgrade from the mammoth device on their wrist… I still say some absolute tanks from the early 2010’s adorning some wrists).

It’s got an integrated heart rate monitor, clear screen, LiveTrack… whatever, check it out for yourselves as it’s down to just £109 today, which is £25 cheaper than I can find it anywhere else.

Lightning deals

These ones are more infuriating for me to list, because they don’t last that long. But they do kick around for a few hours (or until they’re gone) and often stay discounted over other sites for a little while after.

The first that’s popped up is the white version of the Polar M600, which is down to £177 from the £230 I’m seeing it in other places.

The main draw here is that it’s an Android Wear watch, which means you’re getting a smart device for your wrist that also has access to the full range of Polar goodies, like adaptive training plans and decent feedback on your runs.

It’s not going to last as long as dedicated running watches, and you’ll probably get two days maximum out of it – but if you’re looking something a bit more tech-tastic and don’t mind charging it along with your phone every night, it’s the best Android Wear running watches we’ve seen.

This deal dies at 9.20AM, so chances are you’re reading this after it’s already expired… but I tried to warn you.

Next up is the TomTom Spark 3 – and I get the feeling TomTom is going to figure heavily in today’s deals.

 TomTom Spark 3

This option is for the FULL WHACK – namely, a heart rate monitor, music playback and bundled headphones, whereas you can buy the watch with variations on what’s actually included.

The key thing here is that this watch is offered for £159.99, which is cheaper than I’m seeing the version that doesn’t offer headphones elsewhere. I’m not saying they’re the world’s best Bluetooth headphones (although they’re just fine, in my experience) but you’ve got everything you need out of the box to head out on a run, listen to tunes and monitor your heart rate.

Still not convinced? Bookmark this page and check back to see which watches are popping up throughout the day.

I’ll be keeping a laser eye on the category and tweeting out anything decent on @superbeav too, so give that a cheeky follow (don’t worry, you can unfollow me tomorrow) if you want to stay up to date.

Article by Gareth Beavis from Techradar