Warning about major security risk regarding a Virus called Cyptolocker which is a ransomware Trojan.

maxresdefaultThis virus is extremely dangerous and once it infects a PC it can spread very quickly through a network.

It has infected networks by coming through E-mails, Websites and successfully infiltrated firewalls and numerus anti-virus programs.

Please take the following steps to try and ensure we have no infections from this or any other virus.

  • If you suspect that your PC or Laptop is behaving strangely, i.e. you can’t open your files as normal, shut down your Laptop/PC IMMEDIATELY and contact us here in IT.
  • Ensure your Antivirus and Windows Updates are up to date.
  • If you receive and E-mail that looks suspicious – Don’t open.
  • Never open an attachment in an E-mail that you don’t know who the sender is.
  • ZIP files in E-mail attachments are a common way this virus has infiltrated Networks – again be extremely careful.
  • Don’t visit Websites that are not required as a necessary part of your workday.
  • Review your Passwords, Change to a password that is complex with Numbers, Letters with upper and lower case and a symbol. Ex8mpl3%
  • Do not download or install Third party software that is not approved by the IT department.
  • For users that have company laptops, be particularly vigilant when working outside of the company network.
  • Your company laptop isn’t a toy and as such please don’t let your children or anyone else use this, you are trusted to use company property properly.


If you would like to discuss this advice please call Precept IT on 0800 122 3010 or email support@preceptit.com