Weather: Northern Ireland sees clouds gather after second hottest day of year


A day is a long time in the firmament – as these photographs taken just 24 hours apart show.

The blissful spell of warm weather across Northern Ireland came to a soggy end yesterday.

While Monday was officially the second hottest day of the year so far in Northern Ireland, with a peak of 26.5C, that dropped by almost 10 degrees yesterday with maximum temperatures of 18C and a sustained downpour.

Nowhere was the difference more keenly felt than Portstewart Strand, where sunbathers were turned away on Monday due to the volume of people already there. By contrast, the beauty spot was sparsely populated yesterday, and even then only by walkers clutching umbrellas.

Nicola Maxey from the Met Office said the sharp turnaround was due to a wave of low pressure.

“This warm weather destabilises the air so you get this thunder and lightning with low pressure coming through, pushing the warm air out of the way,” she explained.

She predicted today would be more varied, with temperatures of around 16 to 17 degrees and a mixture of sunshine and cloud for the first part of the day.

“For the afternoon there’s a chance you may see some light showers around but still a chance for plenty of sunshine as well,” she said. “On Friday we’ve more rain coming through, some might be heavy. The low-pressure system coming through will bring some rain with it, which should ease in the afternoon. By Friday evening you may get a break in the clouds with some late sunshine.

“For the weekend you’re looking at plenty of cloud with sunny breaks and a 50% chance of some light showers compared to the heavy downpour of Friday.

“Temperatures should pick up again at the start of next week, creeping up into the high teens with more sunshine appearing on Monday.”

Article by Allan Preston from Belfast Telegraph