What to watch on Amazon Prime: your guide to the new TV shows and movies

Your guide to the newest (and best) shows on Amazon Prime

What to watch on Amazon Prime: your guide to the new TV shows and movies

Cable TV has run its course. Sure, it was a good ride while it lasted, but these days, streaming is the best way to watch great new shows and oscar award-winning films.

The only problem we’ve had so far with streaming is that there’s simply too much good content to watch. Finding a great new show to watch is hard, but the act of keeping up with the influx of incredible content is next to impossible.

But, that’s why we’re here to help. We’re going to help you narrow down your options to only the latest (and best) TV shows and movies. That way, you’re as up-to-date as we are and can hold your own around the watercooler when your peers start talking about what they binge-watched this past weekend.

Don’t want to fall behind? Stop by here every week! We’ll update this article with the latest shows and movies on Amazon so you don’t have to hunt around to find something new to watch.

New TV Shows on Amazon Prime this week

Just Add Magic, Season 2 While Amazon’s kids-focused original might appeal to an older generation, it does seem absolutely adorable for kids. Like a kid-friendly version of Charmed, Just Add Magic has three young girls exploring the wonders of magic for the first time … or, well, I guess maybe not the first time considering this is the second season of the show, but you get the idea. Watch the trailer. Try not ‘aw’.

Also try…

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, Season 1 Electric Dreams isn’t new this week but, considering it just came to the streaming service on January 12, it’s not what we’d consider all that old either. Electric Dreams is a hodge-podge of sci-fi themes all mashed together that have a distinctly Twilight Zone feel to them. Some episodes definitely trump others, but if you’re looking for a sci-fi series to enjoy now that you’ve binged all of Black Mirror season four, Electric Dreams is well worth your time.

New movies on Amazon Prime this week

Remember Me If you can hold out for just a few more days, you should have two great new films on Amazon. The first is Remember Me, which comes to streaming service on January 30. Following two cousins who look are roped into looking after their grandma after their grandfather passes away, Remember Me deals with the trials and tribulations of providing support for the elderly. Potentially heartfelt and endearing, Remember Me looks like a seriously touching family film.

Also try…

xXx The Return of Xander Cage If a film about two thirty-year-old dudes helping their grandma navigate her twilight years isn’t your idea of a good time, you’ll be pleased to know that xXx The Return of Xander Cage will be making an appearance on Amazon starting on January 31. The film, which stars Vin Diesel as the titular xXx, is about as over-the-top as comes but if you like your action flicks with fast cars, explosions and gravity defying (read: definitely impossible) action sequences, this is the movie for you.


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