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Windows 10 Ads Unacceptable, Users Complain in Feedback Hub

Users seeing ads turn to Feedback Hub to complain

Ads in Windows 10 are becoming more of a common thing these days, but this still doesn’t mean that users are okay with them. And living proof is the number of posts complaining about ads in the Feedback Hub.

More and more users turn to the Windows 10 feedback platform to complain about the ads they’ve started seeing in the operating system, including the OneDrive banner that shows up in File Explorer every now and then.

Most of these users consider the ads “unacceptable,” pointing out that Microsoft shouldn’t adopt such an aggressive approach against those who are running the company’s operating system on their PCs, especially if they paid for it.

Remove ads or else

And just like it happens every time Microsoft does something that annoys its customers, there are users threatening to move to Apple should the company continue displaying ads in Windows 10.

“I paid good money for this machine running a paid copy of Windows 10 Pro. You bet this ad made me angry. I’ve never been an Apple guy, but I will seriously consider trading in my X1 Yoga for a MacBook if this keeps up,” one user posted in the Feedback Hub during the weekend.

At this point, the top post asking Microsoft to give up on OneDrive ads in File Explorer has a little over 230 votes, but there are several other similar feedback requests with hundreds and tens of votes. Microsoft is yet to respond to these suggestions, though they are marked as “feedback received,” and there’s a good chance these ads will continue to show up in Windows 10 in the future.

The upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update due next month won’t bring any changes in this regard, so expect ads to stick around for a little longer.

If you do not like ads, here’s a very simple guide on how to block them in Windows 10, as Microsoft does provide some easy methods to disable them across the OS.

Article by Bogdan Popa from Softpedia