Woodvale & Shankill Housing Association, Belfast – IT support & services case study – friendly, responsive and value for money

Jocelyn Dunn, Corporate Services Manager of Woodvale & Shankill Housing Association recently submitted some feedback on the services Precept have been providing.

During 2013, Precept deployed a fleet of new workstations, cloud data backup and a managed network from Mako Networks, providing secure internet access for office staff, remote workers, staff in the various Harmony services, and guests.

Woodvale & Shankill Housing Association is a social housing provider situated on the Woodvale Road, Belfast. We look after approximately 500 housing units, covering both general needs housing and sheltered housing accommodation. There are 15 – 20 employees who manage, maintain and provide other services to our tenants.

1. Woodvale & Shankill Housing Association was in need of a complete overhaul of the IT systems in place. The existing IT system had been in place for a number of years and had become piece meal and troublesome for different reasons.

2. The Association’s previous IT provider had been a disappointment for the service provided. Harmony needed a provider who was reliable, able to provide timely responses, either on-site or remotely, cost effective and who could add value by offering IT solutions to how the Association ran its business.

Mout-Eden-Court-300x2463. Direct contact on the basis of a referral from another association. We then met with representatives from Precept and discussed our immediate needs and also what we were looking for further ahead.

4. These early discussions quickly became a plan of work and were put into place in a timely fashion by Precept. There was some delay due to the lack of responses from the previous IT provider, but despite this the Association’s IT systems were upgraded in a relatively short space of time.

5. To date the new partnership has been a success. The Association has been impressed with the service provided – friendly, responsive and value for money.