Xbox One’s most advanced controller looks like it’s in for serious upgrades

Making the better version of the best controller even better


Xbox One's most advanced controller looks like it's in for serious upgrades


Microsoft’s Xbox Elite wireless controller may be getting a followup if a series of leaked images are indeed what they seem.

The leaked photos, spotted by a Reddit user and originally posted by someone on Baidu, show sections of what appears to be an Xbox Elite controller, only it’s not the same one Microsoft released a few years ago for the Xbox One and Windows.

We see instead a few new aspects of the controller. One image shows off texturized rubber grips on the front. Previously, there was rubber on the underside of the Xbox Elite controller, but more rubber just means more grip.

There also appears to be indicator lights that could be used to visually display which controller profile is in use, or may simply show how much battery is remaining in the Xbox Elite controller’s built-in battery pack.


Credit: a8711531 | Baidu

Of particular interest is a mechanism found underneath the thumbstick caps. The Verge notes that the screw-head-like feature appears to match perfectly with a patent Microsoft filed for adjustable tension in thumbsticks.

Other noted features in the Reddit post are USB-C, Bluetooth connection for PC gamers, three different levels for the hairlock triggers, longer travel when pressing on the paddles, and a charging port on the controller similar to those found on Apple MacBooks.

Sure, we still have to wonder when this will come out, and how much it will cost (likely to be at least $150, which is the price of the original Elite controller), but the real question that remains is this: which will Xbox gamers be more excited for, the updated Xbox Elite controller or the return of the Duke?


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