Is this the Xbox Project Scorpio release date, hiding in plain sight?

Clues could point to the 4K console’s release date

Xbox Project Scorpio

With days to go before E3 2017 begins, Microsoft has taken to posting a series of vignettes on the company’s UK Facebook page teasing its upcoming super console, Project Scorpio.

While the teasers seem like standard hype fodder at first, fans on Twitter have noticed hidden messages that may let on more about the mysterious Xbox Oneupgrade then meets the eye.

The first glyph is the message “6>4” at the bottom-left of an image with a Ferris wheel — seemingly calling out Sony’s PS4 Pro, comparing Project Scorpio’s supposed 6 teraflops of computing power to the Pro’s 4.

Xbox Project Scorpio

While a fine enough jab at its competitor’s expense, the second clue uncovered could be far more telling.

In another teaser, a shot of a crowded concert venue can be seen with what looks like the code “X10S101317” written on a platform.

Xbox Project Scorpio

Given the assumption that “X10S” refers to Project Scorpio, the remaining digits could be interpreted as a date — 10/13/17, or October 13 of this year.

Could this be the release date of Microsoft new machine? We’re speculating, but mid-October is within Project Scorpio’s “end of 2017” release window, and the date is on a Friday (a typical day for console releases) so it’s not too far-fetched.

As for when we’ll get some actual concrete details on the 4K-capable Xbox rig, Microsoft’s E3 briefing is scheduled for this Sunday, June 11, at 2pm PST/5pm EST/12am GMT via the company’s newly renamed Mixer streaming service.

In the meantime, YouTube user The Red Dragon has compiled a collection of Microsoft’s Scorpio teasers, should any amateur sleuths want to comb for more clues. Enjoy!

Article by Parker Wilhelm from Techradar