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[kc_row use_container="yes" force="no" column_align="middle" video_mute="no" _id="105753"][kc_column width="12/12" video_mute="no" _id="47787"][kc_column_text _id="128037"] There is an often-quoted statistic recently in cyber-security, that 95% of security breaches are due to “human error”[1]. Of course, what constitutes human error is broad, but

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IT is not a cost centre. IT is an insurance centre. Most businesses believe that IT is a cost centre. It is an aspect of the business that requires expense to prevent bad things from happening. Janitorial

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Since 2012 Precept IT have been providing a secure hosted servers platform for the Bamzonia Education Web Application Portal.  Precept regularly seek customer feedback as part of our ongoing efforts to improve our services and received the

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Precept have been working with Invisible Traffick since 2016 to improve Information and Communication Technology. The directors at Invisible Traffick were kind enough to send us a testimonial on their experiences working with Precept Invisible Traffick have

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Geoff Castles Boiler Services is a small service organisation based in Carrickfergus, Co Antrim in Northern Ireland with a satellite office in Cork Ireland. Michael Crymble of Geoff Castles Boiler Services recently discussed their engagement with Precept

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About New Life Counselling New Life Counselling is a voluntary counselling agency providing support for children, young people, adults and families for a wide range of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, suicide and self harm. Operating in

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Pi Communications is a leading broadcast facilities and solutions provider. In 2015, Pi Communications approached Precept IT to discuss their IT services. Pi had found that their IT costs had escalated significantly over recent years. Daniel Douglas,

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About eTrackeTrack Products Pty. Ltd. is an Australian private company founded in February 1999 dedicated to develop, distribute and support the eTrack all-in-one portfolio, project and resource management application.The company started as a project management system used

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Leading Northern Ireland web design agency No 79 Design are freelance designers. Working from their Coleraine offices, they craft awesome websites, realise brand identities, design for print and capture visual imagery through photography. Working on many projects

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Laurence Hudson, Head of Technical Services for Decision Insight Information Group got in touch with Precept in 2014 to assist with some “boots on the ground” in Ireland. Below are his comments on the service he has