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    Getting you connected - Wide-ranging options for Internet access and networking

    Leased Lines for Business

    Give your organisation a boost with Dedicated Internet Access

    Leased lines for business – or Dedicated Internet Access – provide a dedicated fibre ethernet connection all the way into your building. Choose from a range of service levels. Perfect for a fast-growing, bandwidth-hungry business.

    Why Choose a Leased Line?

    How often do slow internet speeds hold you back?

    If you’ve recently grown, hired more staff, moved more data into the cloud or added more bandwidth-hungry apps, and you’re still using the same connection as before, you might find the answer to that question is ‘far too often’.

    Upgrade to a leased line today and give your organisation the boost it needs.

    Popular Leased Line packages

    50Mbps upload 50Mbps download

    100Mbps upload 100Mbps download

    300Mbps upload 300Mbps download

    – Check what’s available at your postcode…

    Up to 99.85% service availability And our SLAs will cover you in the very unlikely event of an interruption.

    BT Business
    Virgin Business
    Talk Talk Business

    Our solution can make the difference to your business with guaranteed, dedicated connectivity.

    There’s no argument in today’s world that businesses need to be connected, both to the Internet, and as they grow, to other locations within the organisation. We work with a variety of key partners to mix and match the best options for you.

    We can provide a simple, easy to understand explanation of what internet access options are available at each of your sites. We will then check with every major carrier in the UK what technology options are available in your area. No carrier is the best in every part of the country so mixing and matching the ‘best of breed’ is the best solution. It is one of the key benefits of Precept being network independent.

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    Cost effective
    24/7 monitoring and management
    Up to 99.85% service availability
    Give your organisation the boost it needs

    Our Expert Engineers

    Our people are our most important asset. Not only are they passionate about great customer service (which they always deliver with a smile), our expert technicians are first-class at what they do. Fully trained and accredited in all the latest technologies, they’re ready to support you across a wide range of environments.

    Michael Dawson

    IT Helpdesk Supervisor & Senior IT Engineer

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    Senior IT Engineer