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    Getting you connected - Wide-ranging options for Internet access and networking

    The internet is incredibly powerful in the modern business world, with many already embracing new technology. A high-speed connection is essential for efficient day to day operations such as using cloud based tools, IP telephony, applications and file transfers.

    Unfortunately, without the right foundations, these products will struggle to work for a business – prompting lost confidence in newer technology and adopting the cloud.

    But with a dependable, super-fast broadband connection a business can take full advantage of cloud-based tools to boost productivity, improve service quality and increase growth.

    Broadband from Precept IT offers the perfect solution to businesses looking for Fibre Internet and ADSL connectivity and a target availability of 99.99%.

    Fibre Broadband
    Leased Line

    Our solutions can make the difference to your business with guaranteed, dedicated connectivity.

    There are three main types of Business Broadband which are:

    1. ADSL – a basic and certainly the cheapest business broadband usually referred to as standard broadband
    2. Fibre Broadband and this is always the best choice for a business, providing of course it is available at their business location. There are two types which are Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) – usually referred to as Super Fast Broadband
    3. Leased Line – this is a dedicated line with Broadband and will always be the best but also the most expensive as the line is brought directly into your business premises. – usually referred to as Ultra Fast Broadband

    The speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps) and the higher this number is the faster your broadband will be. There are always two speeds quoted Download and Upload

    As an example a standard FTTC broadband will be something such as:

    • 80 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload

    A standard ADSL broadband will be something such as:

    • 17 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload
    Communication specialists in ADSL, FTTC and FTTP Broadband, and Leased Lines
    Based in Belfast with a team of fully accredited and trained engineers
    Partnered with the leading providers in all communication fields
    Up to 99.85% service availability
    Give your organisation the boost it needs

    Why Does Broadband Run Slow?

    Most businesses will have either FTTC or ADSL broadband. The speed of this will vary depending on a range of factors:

    • How many people are using the broadband in your office?
    • What they are using the broadband for – downloading larger files will slow down the broadband for everyone else?
    • Network contention rates – how many users are sharing the data capacity on a provider's line. Standard contention ratios used to be around 50:1 for home broadband, and 20:1 for business broadband but these rates do change a lot of the time
    • Faults with cables and wiring – internal and external cables
    • Hardware faults with modems, switches and routers

    Our Expert Engineers

    Our people are our most important asset. Not only are they passionate about great customer service (which they always deliver with a smile), our expert technicians are first-class at what they do. Fully trained and accredited in all the latest technologies, they’re ready to support you across a wide range of environments.

    Michael Dawson

    IT Helpdesk Supervisor & Senior IT Engineer

    Ross Henry

    Senior IT Engineer