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Are you still using an out dated backup solution?

Are you still using an out dated backup solution?

Many companies are relying on tapes for long-term storage & disaster recovery. However managing, verifying and rotating tapes is time consuming and extremely error prone. These will all fail and you could lose your important data.

Tapes CD / DVD External Drive Flash Drives

Without a 100% secure offsite backup of your data you make your business vulnerable.

The latest secure online data backup technology is now available from only £15 per month for a single computer or £47 per month for a whole network!
Imagine losing your data for a moment. The repercussions could spell disaster. On such an occasion using a secure data backup service, PC backup or laptop backup is of essential importance to your business

The business information that resides on your computer and server infrastructure is your most valuable asset

Secure online backup is becoming an increasingly popular solution for businesses wishing to protect their critical data

  • Provides you with a number of key benefits compared with traditional backup systems
  • Data is immediately transferred off-site to two UK data centres
  • Your data is accessible from anywhere is the world 24/7
  • No hardware or software licenses to buy or maintain
  • Backup multiple desktop computers, servers or laptops
  • No limit to the amount of storage available to you
  • Backup options include SQL, Exchange, Active Directory/System State and MySQL
    This service is renewable annually. We have 4 packages for 12 months protection.

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