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Advanced Email SMTP Delivery Solution

Below are the details on our Outgoing Emails service

This product contains a useful suite of features as requested by customers over and above the free relay you sometimes receive from your ISP

  • Outgoing emails are scanned for viruses and worms
  • Outgoing Emails are logged in a database  so you can see top senders and search the logs
  • You get alerts on extraordinary usage and a daily report to the company admin.
  • You can auto-bcc emails from employees under suspicion as part of IT Systems monitoring
  • You won’t get blacklisted
  • We use a cluster of mail servers to ensure continuity to our service
  • SPF setup for all domains to ensure less mail forgery
  • Add a signature to all outgoing emails
  • Relay on alternative ports for ISPs that block port 25 (there are a few) and for ISPs that claim they don’t have SMTP services at all.
  • Technical Support on out bound emails –
  • Explanation of SMTP relay failures Capture a list automatically of emails sent in and out of your network (for mailing lists)