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    Content Writing and Blogging

    What is content writing?
    Put simply, it’s the creation of all text used online. This includes your website copy, online promotions and blogs used to increase your company profile and grow brand awareness. Your website might be beautifully designed and have superb functionality, but without good content it simply won’t perform to its full potential.
    Good content will engage customers, keep visitors interested and help you perform well in online searches. In short, good content is content that works.

    Why can’t I just I use existing copy from my printed marketing?
    People read online content in a completely different way than they do in print.
    Rather than browse, as we do with brochures and magazines, people visit websites for a specific reason. They skim the page to find what they came for, scanning for key words. They’re saying “Can you help me?” and if your website doesn’t answer them quickly, they’ll leave.
    We don’t visit a website because it looks nice or works well; we take the decision to visit because we want something.
    The key to writing good online content is to understand why visitors came to your site and to answer their questions quickly and clearly. If you don’t, they’ll quickly move on to the next site in their search.

    What’s the point of a blog?
    From a business point of view, a regular blog raises your company profile and conveys that you are an expert in your field. You might write about changes in your industry, interesting case studies; or simply post informal stories which are both entertaining and informative. A well written blog will include subtle references to your company and is a proven way to drive more traffic to your website.

    Social Media Content Management
    Facebook, Twitter amd YouTube management.

    We’re all familiar with the power of social media, but many companies just don’t have the time to use it to its full potential. People are turned off by a constant stream of offers or obvious advertising. Good social media engages and entertains readers; enticing them to interact, ultimately forming relationships.

    Content auditing and management
    A full overview of your website and management of your online presence.

    What is a content audit?
    If your website’s been running for years with new information and pages added over time, you might be surprised at just how big and sprawling it has become.
    A content audit is a detailed look at your entire website, breaking it down to the number of pages, links and messages displayed.
    We’ll produce a spreadsheet, clearly showing all the information your website includes so you can easily see how it links together, recognise parts which are no longer relevant and ultimately find out where it can be improved, so that your site performs at the highest level.

    I already have a web designer. Why would I need a Content Manager?
    Many companies employ a web design company, giving them all the information they need to design and produce a great looking and well functioning website. However, often the site is then left to run, with content added as required.
    A Content Manager will work alongside you and with your web designers, ensuring that your site is regularly maintained; outdated information removed and new information added in a manner consistent with the tone of your website.
    Often, especially in larger businesses, different departments supply information to the web designers whenever they want it posted. A content manager takes responsibility for the site as a whole, ensuring that all information links together to keep the tone and message consistent and clear for the end user.