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    Improving Care Through ICT

    With a wealth of experience in the third sector, Precept has an understanding of the demands facing charities, in addition to their culture and ethos.

    As well as providing a comprehensive range of computer support services for the small to medium sized business, Precept has tailored its services to be of particular interest and help to charitable organisations. Precept is happy to offer discounted rates across its range of services from maintenance to backup and recovery – in addition to a free half hour consultation.

    We have provided bespoke services for the likes of Provincial Care Services Agency, The Somme Nursing Home, Autism Initiatives, Helm Housing, Radius Housing, Choice Housing and Woodvale and Shankill Housing Association to name but a few.

    Why choose Precept?

    Availability of Skills and Expertise
    Service Range and Support
    High Security Standards
    Payment by Installment
    No lengthy contracts – if funding stops
    10% discount for registered charities
    Discounted Software Licensing
    Personal Account Manager, backed up by professional, friendly local team

    Services we have carried out for our clients in this sector

    • Supply and Support for IT equipment and infrastructure
    • Server(s) management and ongoing systems health monitoring
    • Cloud based email support
    • Cloud based backup and restoration services
    • Employee profiles
    • Routers (Mako) with site to site linking IPSEC tunnels.
    • Printer support, including liaising with third parties to provide additional capabilities
    • Wifi, AP installation and mesh expansion.
    • Scheme broadband and wifi access management
    • VPN’s creation and maintenance (for remote workers or working from home)
    • Resolving internal and external connectivity issues
    • Data security, permissions management and security groups
    • Facial recognition based time clock systems
    • Training on personal safety aspects of computer use
    • We have detailed experience of supporting various applications
    • Hardware refurbishment and upgrades
    • Migration from onsite Exchange to Office 365, with all legacy data transferred
    • Onsite training sessions on a variety of programs
    • Performed complete several site moves pending the completion of the new facility
    • Decommissioning and secure disposal of obsolete equipment
    • Provided fit out inspection and advice for the new facility, cooling needs, cabling etc
    • Deployed Managed Antivirus and Encryption
    • Cloud Backup
    • Email Sainitisation
    • Support for NIHE citrix based systems and the updated Portwise applet.

    Importance of business grade WiFi in the Care Sector

    Care homes need to prioritise wifi to make sure grandchildren come to visit, Care Minister Caroline Dinenage has said. Speaking at an event in London in 2018 the minister said not enough homes allowed their residents to access wi-fi.

    She said internet access could help older people stay in touch with their families and encourage younger members to come and visit more often. “Wi-fi actually can encourage your grandchildren to come and visit. Because they will sit there, and you can do something together,” she said.

    Dementia patients can be helped by “incredible online tools to help people and trigger memories and for therapeutic things,” she added. Online systems are available which allow patients and their families to upload photo albums, music playlists and videos that they can then watch together. She added that a lack of internet access could cause problems with access to medical care and information as well as making it more difficult to organise staff rotas.

    “Wi-fi can be the difference between allowing a medical professional, a GP to see a patient urgently and making that decision as to whether they need to be rushed into A&E and actually whether they’re OK, it’s a UTI and they need a course of antibiotics.

    “It can help manage staff rotas so businesses become more efficient, there’s a continuity of care and also the business is sustainable,” she told an audience at the event organised by think tank the Resolution Foundation.

    Research published by Citizens Advice has found that one in five care homes do not offer wi-fi to residents and one in four care home staff did not know whether or not it was available.

    “Where wi-fi is not available, residents would have no access to Skype, Facebook, email or other services that might be used to keep in touch with friends and family unless they arrange mobile internet for themselves at extra cost,” the charity warned.

    Have an IT problem? We can help. Whatever the question is, we are on call, ready to solve any problems that might arise