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usecure: Cyber Security Awareness Training
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    Analyze human risk. Empower the workforce. Secure your business.

    usecure empowers your workforce at human level." Our software is designed to simplify and minimise the complexity, cost and resource-heavy administering of security awareness training, offering a highly effective, pain-free solution, supported by a passionate team of infosec specialists.

    Measure, boost and monitor employee cyber awareness through admin-lite automation.

    Human error is the main cause of cyber-attacks. End point security protection will only take you so far but educating your employees is the fool proof way to ensure your business is protected from cyber-attacks.


    Educating your employees should be a number one priority

    Deploy with ease
    100% cloud-based, installation-free and simple configuration.
    Automate training
    Save time by automating repetitive admin tasks.
    Achieve compliance
    Measure training adoption and demonstrate compliance

    See uLearn in action - Quick Demo Video (2 mins)

    Measure, boost and monitor employee cyber awareness

    Identify your staffs' individual security blind spots and automate the fix with user-tailored training programs.

    Ongoing cyber awareness training, launched in minutes.

    Simplify your road to a security-savvy workforce.

    usecure is the ultimate cyber security awareness training tool for your business. usecure delivers the most admin-lite and cost-effective solution for reducing insider threats and driving secure user behaviour, achieved through five essential features:

    Raise security awareness
    Reduce phishing vulnerability
    Identify exposed emails
    Simplify policy management
    Calculate overall human risk

    Rob's Phishy Friday! - Phishing Awareness Training Video (2 mins)

    Identify human vulnerabilities

    Using a short gap analysis questionnaire, usecure will identify each users' weakest areas of security, gathering results into their unique risk profile.

    Tackle individual risk areas

    Using your employees' risk profiles, usecure will auto-enrol users onto personalized training programs that tackle their unique risks — with course topics being prioritised based on their weakest areas.

    Monitor employee progress

    Understand how your users are progressing with company-wide risk scoring individual user performance, and automate summary reports for managers.

    Demonstrate compliance

    Easily showcase your compliance efforts during audits by tracking course participation, user grades, employee risk score and export custom reports.

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