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    IT Support and Solutions for the Retail Sector

    Precept IT has worked in the retail environment for over 15 years. We understand the growing expectations of the savvy consumer and the increasing pressures on retailers to compete more fiercely in regional and global environments.

    IT has played an important role in this evolution and in the management of increasingly complex retail operations. Retailers who have embraced technology have survived and still remain competitive.

    Technologies have dramatically altered the retail landscape, with customers expecting a more seamless experience between digital and in-store activities. The continuous improvement in IT infrastructures and core IT solutions has given retailers valuable customer data to support comprehensive marketing strategies.

    Precept IT works with independent and chain retailers to improve customer service and business productivity. We support retailers from designing and implementing IT infrastructures, transforming storage solutions to maintaining back-office and front-end IT systems. We also design support services that ensure the right level of cover during peak seasons. Our flexible managed services enable retailers to concentrate on their core business, whilst we manage their IT requirements.
    Our fleet of maintenance engineers, based across the UK, support retailers with any hardware failures, including servers, storage, PCs, mobile devices and specialist EPOS equipment and printers. Our priority is to get retail businesses back up and running as quickly as possible.

    Our IT retail solutions focus on:

    Improved customer service
    Faster customer transactions resulting in less queuing time for your customers

    Increased business productivity
    24×7 system availability ensures maximum operational time for stores and online retail sites

    Reduced IT costs
    reduce the daily running costs of your IT infrastructure by simplifying your IT management, centralising and integrating disparate systems, increasing server and storage utilisation, and consolidating maintenance and support agreements

    Controlled costs
    convert unpredictable capital costs spent on aging hardware fixes, to predictable operating costs spent on strategic business projects.

    Mako Networks works with leading companies around the world to deploy the Mako System to end customers. In most major geographies, Precept IT is the only Northern Ireland based Mako strategic Partner that sell, implement and maintain the Mako System to merchants, businesses and other partners

    Mako Network – Firewall System

    The Mako System is uniquely designed to deliver a host of advanced services from a centrally managed interface in the cloud. Using a patented communications methodology, Mako Networks is able to help secure, protect and enhance the capabilities of business networks.

    Improved customer service
    Increased business productivity
    Reduced IT costs

    What happens when your Internet connection drops?

    PCI DSS Compliance

    Our unique Level One PCI DSS certification and solution can assist merchants of any size to secure credit card data.
    Mako Networks is a world leader in assisting businesses to achieve PCI DSS compliance, having been the first network management company in the world to be PCI DSS-certified. The Mako System applies a pre-configured compliance template to payment networks, ensuring that outside threats are kept at bay with world-class security technologies, and internal network settings are applied and maintained to provide constant, assured compliance.
    If your business processes, stores or transmits credit card data, it must meet a special set of security criteria known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). The PCI DSS ensure that a baseline of security is in place and help reduce the risk of credit card fraud, but for many businesses, implementing the PCI DSS can be a difficult and expensive undertaking.

    Cellular Failover
    Maintain network connections by automatically switching to high-speed mobile data if fixed-line networks go down.

    Mako 6500 network appliances and the Mako Central Management System support failover connections via cellular, offering a secondary connection that networks can “fail-over” to in case the primary fixed line goes down.

    What happens when your Internet connection drops? For many businesses, when the connection goes down, business grinds to a halt.

    When the primary broadband Internet connection goes down, most payment systems revert back to a slower dial-up connection – meaning that businesses must continue to pay a monthly fee to keep their phone line just in case. Using cellular as a backup removes the ongoing cost of a leased dedicated phone line, and delivers faster backup connection speeds.

    All it takes is a SIM card and cellular connection, and your business is safe from intermittent outages.

    Mako appliances continuously check the health of their cellular connection, so that if the primary connection fails, the appliance can automatically switch over. When the primary line returns again, the Mako automatically switches back – along with all the Mako VPNs.
    In locations where fixed-line access is not available, or in more remote locations, Mako appliances with cellular can be configured to operate solely by wireless.

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