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Cyber Security: Small Business Guide
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    Future Proof your Business with Mailbox Solutions

    You wouldn’t live in a house without security locks, house insurance or appliances, so why would you have a mailbox without security, backup and productivity solutions?


    A house on its own with the bricks, roof, windows and doors works perfectly fine, right? However, they contain personal, important contents we want to protect from theft and damage. Because of this, we protect them with locks, burglar alarms, smoke alarms and other security measures. A mailbox contains important, sensitive data. By implementing effective security solutions, you know your business data is safe.


    While we don’t like to think about it, things can go wrong with our houses – this is why we have a backup strategy such as home and content insurance. Mailbox backup works in the same way. Cyber attacks, natural disasters or human error can all lead to the loss or deletion of important data. Having a backup solution ensures data can be retrieved both quickly and easily.


    Washing machines, dryers or dishwashers are not necessities – but they are efficient. They allow us to get on with other tasks, i.e. going to work, walking the dog or spending quality time with family, knowing that our appliances are quietly working in the background. The same applies with productivity IT solutions. Some productivity solutions integrate perfectly with your mailbox and enable you to use your time more effectively.

    Top Security Concerns For SMBS

    Malware Infiltration Through Email
    Phishing Through Email
    Malware Infiltration Via Web Browsing


    Even with all the security measures in place, the most common cause of data loss is hardware failure, with human error as a close second. This means that you could lose all of your important, business critical data through no fault of your own. To prevent this, it’s recommended that you backup your mailbox with a trusted solution that allows you to retrieve any lost data, should a disaster strike.


    With millions of business users worldwide, mailboxes are an easy target for cyber criminals. Without a layered approach, many users are left vulnerable to sophisticated email-borne attacks, leaving their business open to significant financial and reputational damage

    Why invest in a productivity solution?

    Quick decision making
    Boost collaboration
    Boost productivity
    Reduce operating costs

    With the ever-evolving world of technology and employee’s needs, businesses are more conscious about the need to work effectively and collaboratively using the correct tools to keep up with the millennial demand.

    SMBs often need access to a wide range of software, including financial services, project management, a purchase order system and a CRM to store all their customer data.

    In light of this, it’s important to understand the best IT solutions for your business, and if you need a productivity solution on its own – or whether it’s more beneficial for the business to seamlessly integrate al of these together with a tool such as Dynamics 365 or Microsoft 365.

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