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    Go paperless with 24/7 secure, anywhere file access

    Document Management enables you to safely and securely store online documents in a cloud-based system and access them from any location, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The award-winning solution makes it easy to upload confidential and sensitive documents in the cloud, such as invoices, receipts and personal employee information for tax purposes.

    Easily eliminate the hassle of trying to locate files with an easy-to-navigate folder structure and advanced search tools. Simply look for a keyword, phrase, or use an asterisk as a wild card entry to broaden or narrow your search as required. So, if you’ve got piles of paper sat in the office storeroom, waiting to be digitised, Document Management could be the answer.

    Document Management by Stortec

    The rapid evolution of technology has dramatically changed the way people work today. One thing that’s never changed, however, is that documents are the lifeblood of any business.

    Correspondence, financials, reports, customer data, it all amounts to the most valuable business assets of all. It stands to reason that businesses need a safe, yet easily accessible place to keep everything. This is where document management in the cloud comes in.

    Document Management is an award winning cloudbased document management system that enables you to store electronic records in a secure and reliable way with 24/7 remote access. Improving security, boosting efficiency and helping manage retention periods and data protection.

    Storetec: The Experts in Document Scanning

    Eliminate time wasted looking for misplaced, misfiled or lost paper documents with Document Management from Storetec.

    With extensive document tagging and search capabilities, including OCR, your users can upload their confidential or sensitive documents into a secure, cloud-based storage system and benefit from a complete audit trail and easy to use file directory to help organisations comply with regulatory frameworks such as GDPR.

    Choose from storing up to 20,000 scanned pages or 100,000 in a choice of formats such as pdf, Word or Powerpoint. With all files encrypted in UK Tier III datacentres, it’s one of the most secure and cost-effective ways to keep documents safe.

    Go Paperless
    Compliance comes first
    Great product features and benefits

    Storetec's Document Scanning Services

    Save time by enhancing document management processes

    Have you ever wasted time searching for digital or paper documents? If so, you wouldn’t be the only one. Office workers, on average, waste 2.5 hours per week looking for misplaced, misfiled or lost documents. With Document Management, you can eliminate the hassle of trying to locate files with an easy-to-navigate folder structure and advanced search tools. Simply look for a keyword, phrase, or use an asterisk as a wild card entry to broaden or narrow your search as required.

    All text-based documents also benefit from full Optical Character Recognition capabilities, giving you more control and accuracy when searching for business-critical information. Image-based documents, such as digitised receipts or invoices, also benefit from custom field indexing, meaning you can easily index a keyword related to that specific document, or add a phrase or name to the record should it be related to an employee.

    Helping you on your journey to compliance

    Document Management includes…

    • A choice of two storage options (20k or 100k scanned pages)
    • with additional storage available on a pay per GB basis
    • One easy-to-use, white-labelled administration portal
    • Ability to upload various files formats
    • Advanced search indexing with OCR capabilities
    • Complete audit trail and file directory tree
    • Security features and user restriction privileges

    Protecting data and preventing it from unauthorised access is vital to complying with new data regulations. Stored across three UK datacentres, your documents are uploaded into an individual organisational database, which is fully encrypted and automatically backed up 24 hours a day.

    As of May 2018, Storetec’s Document Management solution is also compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    24/7 ACCESS

    The future has no paper

    Making Tax Digital - HMRC

    The whole tax system is changing. HMRC proposals mean the filing of information digitally will happen for most UK businesses over the next few years.

    Document Management will help you prepare for Digital Tax. Ensuring you’re well on their way to positioning yourselves as a firm of the future.

    Upgrade your storage in a flash

    There are two storage capacity options with Document Management. If you’re looking to store approximately 20,000 pages or less, which is roughly the size of an office filing cabinet, you can simply choose the lower of our storage amounts.

    Depending on your needs, upgrading to 100,000 pages – that’s around the size of a storeroom – just let us know and we’ll upgrade your capacity in moments. Additional storage can be purchased thereafter on a per GB basis, scaling to your business needs as you grow.

    49% of full-time employees have difficulty locating documents during a working day.