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Bamzonia secure hosting platform case study

admin February 19, 2019 0 Comments

Since 2012 Precept IT have been providing a secure hosted servers platform for the Bamzonia Education Web Application Portal.  Precept regularly seek customer feedback as part of our ongoing efforts to improve our services and received the following feedback.

Howard Sarna, Director at Bamzonia

Howard Sarna, Director at Bamzonia said

Our internal resources were limited so we were looking for a partner who could provide a good deal of handholding (through design and project management) combined with a robust, flexible, and secure hosting platform which would allow us to start relatively modestly but which would be capable of scaling and international growth.

Precept IT were extremely helpful and supportive in providing advice with respect to site security, contingent network support, and the appropriate levels of hardware and software for our specific requirements.
The project proceeded on schedule and the go-live was achieved with zero hitches.

Since launch Precept IT have proved to be a great choice of partner. They’ve provided a quality helpdesk when we’ve needed to make changes and have been invaluable in helping us scale up to offer an international proposition.

We’ve particularly appreciated the no-fuss approach and the flexibility provided by Precept IT and look forward to continuing the relationship as we move our project through its next phases.

About Bamzonia
Bamzonia is an easy-to-use, online resource which teaches young people at school the crucial subject of personal financial education in a fun and engaging way.
Students are invited to play a game in which they are responsible for rebuilding the failing economy of an island, Bamzonia.
Success requires knowledge and credits which they earn by following a series of lessons and passing tests.
Bamzonia lessons cover subjects from coin recognition to the social security benefits system, pensions, wages, budgeting and saving.
As Bamzonia is online, it can be accessed by browser anytime and anywhere.
It provides evidence-based measurement and tracks progress through the syllabus.