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Case Study : Geoff Castles Boiler Services Carrickfergus – “The speed of response and competency of Precept’s engineers is unparalleled”

admin October 6, 2017 0 Comments

Geoff Castles Boiler Services is a small service organisation based in Carrickfergus, Co Antrim in Northern Ireland with a satellite office in Cork Ireland.

Michael Crymble of Geoff Castles Boiler Services recently discussed their engagement with Precept IT

Our original supplier had let us down, migrating their service base to Great Britain leaving no support agents in Northern Ireland. Reliance on a group of subcontractors who were not familiar with our business and requirements left us in a very vulnerable position, highlighted when we had a system failure and lost service for almost 2 weeks. This forced us to look to the market to find a new supplier who could meet our demands

Our main criteria for selecting our supplier were as follows
a. Local engineers
b. Fast response time
c. Knowledge of similar systems
d. Friendly service

The move to Precept was organised with the Precept account managers. Individual projects are organised via email and over the phone. We state our requirements and Precept make offers via the online quote system. Larger projects including the website hosting and upgrades are managed via telephone and email however the option to meet to discuss our requirements has been offered but not yet taken up due to difficulties arranging a time from our side.

Working together usually means speaking directly with the engineers. The engineers are happy to give out direct contact numbers to arrange visits or give immediate support / advice. This system works well for us and in the event that we cannot get an immediate response, we use the ticket system which gives us a reply usually within 10 minutes or so which is perfect.

So far our experience with Precept has been excellent. The speed of response and competency of the engineers is unparalleled. The all-inclusive nature of the contract works well for us. In the past, paying for individual calls resulted in a reluctance to contact the supplier for anything other than the cost essential work but with the current setup, we have the confidence to call the engineers in the knowledge the costs will not spiral and the outcome will be positive every time.

More about Geoff Castles Boiler Services
Total number of employees is around 40. We operate primarily during normal business hours however offer 24 hour support to our customers so good IT support is critical. Our main business is sales and service of steam boiler plant with customers including Belfast Health and Social Care Trust (Royal Hospital etc). we also provide services to every aspect of industry within Northern Ireland from power generation to agri-food.  Existing for more than 35 years, our reputation for top quality service has been the primary focus through the development of the business and has allowed us to retain customers and grow with new customers coming on every week.
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